Coming For The Crown

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Newly appointed DA, Braxton Murray, believes wholeheartedly in the justice system. He believes in right and wrong. But when SPADES founder and police murder suspect, Nubia Taylor, refuses to speak to anyone besides Braxton, he learns that things are not as simple as he once thought. 

As Nubia recounts the events leading up to the murders of two police officers, including the police involved shooting death of her unarmed friend, the floodgates to corruption, cover-ups, and murder are opened with the police department at the center. With time winding down and the lines between the good guys and the bad guys becoming blurry, Braxton has to decide which side of justice he wants to be on. Either choice comes with a big price to pay.

Thicker Than Water Series

MoKisses Bestselling "Thicker Than Water" series is complete and sure to deliver. This raw, street series follows Kharmah as she seeks Revenge on everyone involved in killing her family. She will stop at nothing until the killers reach the same fate! Start with "Thicker Than Water" then follow up with bestselling sequel "Blood Is Still Thicker Than Water" and finish off with "Forever Thicker Than Water: My Brother's Keeper". It's the final installment to MoKisses' bestselling series "Thicker Than Water". You will be taken on the ride of your life as you witness two sisters doing everything they can to protect the legacy of their families.

Into The Darkness​

What’s done in the dark eventually comes to light... Or you go into the darkness with it!

Estranged identical twins Ethan and Eric are like night and day. Outside of sharing the same face the only thing they have in common are the nightmares that have haunted them most of their lives!

Coincidence.... Maybe

One thing is certain, there is more than DNA that binds these two together. Determined to figure out what that is, the twins learn everything they thought they knew about their lives was a lie - a revaluation that leads Eric on a journey to discover the truth.

But will he find what he’s looking for?

Or will his search lead him into the darkness?

Every family has secrets and Eric will soon learn some are meant to stay buried... forever.

A Love Like This

A Love Like This” combines storytelling with poetry to give you the ultimate love story.

Love is the last thing on Aria’s mind. All her life, love has done nothing but hurt her. Wanting to start a new life, Aria enters a poetry contest, in hopes of winning the cash prize. What Aria didn’t anticipate was having to face all of her past demons.

Jaycen has it all: looks, a career, money, the total package. The only thing missing is a woman to share it with. Jaycen is still mourning the death of his ex-girlfriend and their son, and he knows he’s in no condition to fall in love right now. That all changes when he meets Aria.

Everyone has something that they are healing from. Aria and Jaycen are about to learn that being loved correctly is the perfect medicine to heal all wounds.

Vindictive: Lustful Revenge

Ava Hodges always gets what she wants. She does not take no for an answer. So when she is overlooked for a promotion at the Marketing Firm she works for, she comes up with a scandalous plan to make everyone pay. When you mixed lies, affairs, and sex into one workplace, what do you get? Attempted murder and unplanned pregnancy!

A MoKisses Christmas

A MoKisses Christmas: A Collection Of Holiday Stories

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when families and friends come together to share love and laughter. We tend to forget about the people who are sick, or mourning the loss of a loved one, or our service men and women who can’t be home with their families, or homeless people, or children who don’t have a family to call their own. So grab your sweetie, tuck your children in, sip some hot cocoa, grab a blanket, light the fireplace and snuggle close so I can tell you some stories of Christmas miracles.